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Hunan TPYS Compressor Technology Co. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise
professionally engaged in R & D, production and sales of electric scroll compressors used for air conditioning of new-energy automotive and rail transit

The company was formerly known as the Compressor Division of Hunan Vaqoung Electrical Co., Ltd., which was among the first enterprises that professionally developed, researched and produced the horizontal fully-closed and semi-closed inverter scroll compressors in bulk domestically.

Hunan TPYS Compressor Technology Co. Ltd. advanced production, testing and R&D equipment, with the production capacity of annual output of 300 thousand sets of semi-closed electric scroll compressors and 40 thousand fully-closed horizontal inverter compressors.

Enterprise Spirits
high starting point, high standard
high quality, high efficiency
with science and technology as productivity, we are sparing no effort to build a new world of green and environmental-friendly automobile air conditioning for the new-energy automobile manufacturers.

brand new business philosophy
excellent resources of talents
advanced management system and high and new technologies
we will surely achieve the brand-new TPYS brand!

Rich experience in scroll products

We have successfully developed scroll air compressor, scroll vacuum pump, oil-free air compressor and scroll expander

Master design technology

We master the theory of scroll compressor design, including thermal calculation, displacement calculation, linear design, linear repair, compression ratio calculation, compressor dynamic and static balance calculation...

Innovative design Patented technology

We have designed a new compressor oil return structure, removed the mechanical back pressure valve , which realizes movable plate nickel plating The solution of this problem...

Master manufacturing and inspection technology

The manufacturing technology and process control of scroll compressor are the key to the compressor project. We master the scroll processing technology and process control technology...