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Hunan Thompson Compressor Technology Co., Ltd. is the predecessor of Hunan Huaqiang Electric Co., Ltd. Compressor Division, was established in October 26, In December the first by the independent research and development of the closed-end horizontal scroll compressor compressor off the assembly line to fill the gap, breaking the domestic new energy bus air-conditioning compressor all rely on imports; in 2010 the first semi-enclosed electric vortex Compressor off the assembly line, and to achieve mass production, supporting Fukuda sanitation vehicles. 2011 to assume new energy air-conditioning and compressor areas of the national "second five" 863 plan. 2012, the successful development of China's first fully enclosed horizontal horizontal scroll compressor, energy efficiency products to enhance communication 10%. In 2015, the Company will achieve a total capacity of 4,000 sets of compressors, 20,000 sets of semi-sealed compressors, and annual sales revenue of approximately RMB50.5 million. Fully enclosed horizontal variable frequency compressor outfit China's first independent intellectual property rights in low-speed maglev train air conditioning and Changsha Metro Line 1, for the field of domestic rail transport compressors installed zero breakthrough. January 20, 2016 Hunan Thompson Compressor Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, is a professional engaged in research and development, production and sales of new energy automotive air conditioning, rail traffic air conditioning with electric scroll compressor high-tech enterprises. The company's main business is the production and sale of fully enclosed horizontal inverter compressor, semi-enclosed electric scroll compressor, battery cooling air-conditioning and so on. The company's sales outlets throughout the country in major cities, products are sold to South Korea, Sweden and other places.

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