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"Beiqi new energy cup" pure electric vehicle service skills contest and exhibition


In order to publicize the brand across the country, Hunan Tang Pu Yue Si, expand the popularity of Hunan Tang Pu Yue Si, expand the company's customer base, and establish a new energy vehicle compressor after-sales training and service system. Our company was invited to participate in Beiqi new energy organization "2016 national machinery industry vocational school skills competition - Beiqi new energy cup pure electric car service skills competition.In the competition period, I use this platform to show our customers the image of our company And the use of its products. Beiqi organization from the party to be confirmed, our company is recommended as a new energy Beijing Beiqi new energy electric vehicles for air-conditioning designated suppliers.
Hunan Tangpu Yue Si from the beginning to actively participate in the field of new energy in the national auto show and parts exhibition, in the exhibition process to actively promote and expand the impact.

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