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In recent years, the rise of network marketing, consumer goods in the field of marketing has brought a subversive revolution, making many companies have to change the original marketing model, quickly joined the tide of network marketing, the marketing platform built on social media and new Media, based on the innovation efforts, unprecedented. Compared to the Internet marketing revolution of consumer goods companies, most industrial enterprises because of the small number of customers and decentralized, expert decision-making and the purchase process is complex, resulting in consumer goods companies can not directly as online transactions and accept orders, Hunan Tangpu Yue Si that the Internet Rise for professional industrial enterprises, although not like the consumer goods market has changed dramatically, but also subtle changes in the pattern of industrial marketing.
For example, many industrial enterprises now find it difficult to find customers, communication is difficult, difficult to deal, and then that is the economic environment is not good, or business staff adverse, but the Hunan Tangpu Yue Si that this is partly due to the development of the Internet Brought serious problems. For example, the current industrial customers looking for suppliers, products, technology and other information, more and more rely on network search and IWOM, network public opinion, the information collection stage more and more customers do not have time and patience to accept salespeople visit; The less to participate in industry exhibitions and reading paper industry media; great transparency of information, so that the relationship between the many means of marketing obstacles, which are making more and more traditional way of marketing is no way out.
In view of this, Hunan Thompson Compressor Technology Co., Ltd. was established at the beginning of the construction site put on the agenda, and invited well-known website design units to design the company's publicity website. Through the efforts of all parties Web site in November 20, 2016 formally launched, a new corporate advertising platform appears. In the next round of enterprise development planning, Hunan Tangpu Yue Compressor Technology Co., Ltd. will network marketing system construction as a priority. And many enterprises, Hunan Tangpu Yue is not the pursuit of direct online transactions and accept orders, but to provide information on the Internet, enhance customer trust, establish a brand image, create a good reputation, online depth communication, inspection , Testing, transactions and other aspects of online and offline under the two-pronged approach to modern information technology to re-create the Hunan Tangpu Yue Si business flow and information flow, and customers together to achieve efficient, win-win new generation business model.

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